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Refunds / Cancellation Policy


If you are unsatisfied with the ETTFOS course, a full refund will be issued provided you have attended the first session (Day 1) from start to finish and the refund is requested upon completion of the first session. If the refund is not requested and the second session (Day 2) starts, it is understood and agreed that you are satisfied with the course and wish to continue and you agree to forfeit the refund option.

Besides the above mentioned special condition all payments for all services, courses and products are final. No refunds or cancellations will be entertained once payment or part thereof have been made.

Payments should be made in AED or USD. All payments should be in favor of Advance Systems FZ LLC. Prices are not inclusive of VAT.

Advanced Systems FZ LLC reserves the right to cancel, alter the date, venue and time of the program and services.

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